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Authentic Finnish Sauna with 

Ocean Views!

Both the mens and ladies saunas are full-fledged Finnish saunas. Due to its high temperature dryness, you will get a refreshing sweat that is said to also have detox and beauty benefits. From the sauna you can enjoy spectacular views of the Pacific ocean from the large windows. Like a big picture, you can heal your body while looking at the sea. 

Cold Water Bath Solarium 

and Rest Area 

After a refreshing sweat in the sauna, refresh in a cold water bath! The ceiling-to-ceiling glass cold water baths have a lot of sunshine, just like a solarium and the feeling after the sauna is amazing. You will feel your stress just melt away as your body heals naturally. Men's and women's warm water baths are also available.

Hours of Operation:

  • Open Everyday: 16:00 to 22:00
  • Bathing Fee / Hotel Guests: Free
  • Day Customers: 1,080yen
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